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RICC CORPORATION is a full service dental laboratory, founded in 1997.

We are a leading provider of safe and reliable dental products. We have been providing high qualified dental products made by highly trained and experienced Japanese licensed technicians.

Our professional technician team of "匠TAKUMI" creates ultimate products.

In Japan, "匠TAKUMI" is a traditional skilled worker who has very highly -developed and skilled techniques.
"匠TAKUMI" never compromise, always try hard to improve and aim for higher degree of completion and pay attention to details even to which you may not notice. Our technician team which has this sophisticated Japanese spirit and technology of "匠TAKUMI" will dedicate passion to make your masterpiece.

We only use materials approved by “Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare” of Japan.

Our 3 laboratories currently employ about 100 staff including 20 “匠TAKUMI” technicians. We are also using CAD/CAM milling system, 3D Printer, and other advanced Lab equipment. We collaborate our traditional "TAKUMI" technique with latest technologies in dentistry.

Made in JAPAN only

Our Labs

【RICC Global Link】

■Crown Expert Laboratory
・Ceramo Metal Crown
・Others, e.max, All Ceramics
(Layering/Staining by shade matching)

【RICC Link Kita-Osaka】

■Denture Expert Laboratory
・Metal base(Cobalt, Titanium)
・Non-Clasp Denture

We are always welcome for Denture Consultation

【RICC Link Naniwa】

■General Dental Center
・CAD/CAM Crown
・Hybrid Resin
・MB, e.max, All Ceramics


■Software 3shape

・Dental Designer
・Abutment Designer
・Denture Design
・Model Builder


・Roland DWX-50/ DWX-51
・Envision TEC Perfactory
・ExMile EXM-5S


Contact Us


Address: 3-1-6, Tatsuno Nishi-Temma Bldg.1F,
Nishitemma Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0047 JAPAN
Phone: +81-6-6316-7553
Email: riccgroup@ricc-web.co.jp

*For inquiries in English, please contact Overseas Business Division.
Phone: +81-6-6316-7553
Email: riccgroup@ricc-web.co.jp

RICC Global Link
3-24-9, Iida Bldg.4F Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 105-0003 JAPAN

RICC Link Naniwa
Address: 3-1-6, Tatsuno Nishi-Temma Bldg.1F,
Nishitemma Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0047 JAPAN
Phone: +81-6-6316-7553

RICC Link Kita-Osaka
Address:3-20-16, Kamishinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka, 533-0006 JAPAN
Phone: +81-6-6990-0770

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